​​​Pastor Lee & Doreen Gregory


​Pastor Lee and his wife, Doreen, of 40 years have been serving here at the Medford Neighborhood Church since 1992.

Their love of Jesus and commitment to sharing His Good News is clearly evident throughout the Rogue Valley as they both drive school buses for public and private schools, and have for the past 10 years!

​Chaplain Chad and his wife Leslie, have been members of the Medford Neighborhood Church for the past 16 years. Chaplain Chad has served at the Medford Neighborhood Church in a variety of roles, and continues as Chaplain and Elder.

Leslie serves as the Medford Neighborhood Church's Treasurer, and has held this position since 2006.  

Our Staff

Chaplain Chad & Leslie Fitzgerald

Associate Pastor of Missional Ministries Nolan & Amber Soldahl

​Nolan and Amber Soldahl are recent graduates of Simpson University. Nolan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies while Amber holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cross-cultural Studies with an emphasis in Community Development and a minor in Bible and Theology.

They are our youngest and newest staff focusing on various aspects of missional living in the community of Medford.